A new name in the manufacturing industry ... with a long history.

1935–1950 The plants were founded independently of each other. In Germany, Wächtersbach was founded in 1935 and Lennestadt in 1950

1980–1999 They were acquired by Schuttersveld N.V. in 1980 and subsequently renamed Kendrion

1991–2001 The Borja plant was launched in Spain in 1991 by RSL, while Tachov was established in the Czech Republic in 2001 by Varta Plastics

2004 saw an integration into an American group structure with the acquisition of Kendrion and the Tachov factory by the American Key Plastics Group

2008 Hedge fund Wayzata becomes majority shareholder (91.8%)

2012 february: Takeover of Key Plastics Germany shares by Innovative Components Technologies Holding GmbH

2013 September: Dongkook aquired ICT